DID Number Management System


Manage multiple DID and extension number ranges


Gives you all the number management data you need


No more managing ranges by spreadsheets


No more errors, no more waste of time

Tracking and managing phone numbers in Excel is inefficient and time consuming

Frustrated of Number Management by Spreadsheet?

No more with MAF NMS™

If you are still trying to manage multiple DID/DDI ranges by spreadsheets MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Phone Number Management System can help save you time and money, increasing efficiency and ensuring the highest level of service delivery.

MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Phone Number Management for Voice & UC systems


MAF NMS™ helps you track and manage your phone numbers (DIDs, DDI’s, directory numbers, extensions, and voice mailbox numbers) with the greatest of ease without the frustration. MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Number Management gives you all the number management data you need in one place. No more managing ranges by spreadsheets as MAF NMS™ DID/DDI  Management gives a single point of management where adds/moves/changes can take place saving time and reducing the risk element. MAF NMS™ Phone Number Management System is the ideal extension range manager and is UC/PBX Vendor platform independent.

Single Pane View

MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Phone Number Management

Tracking and management of DID/DDI phone numbers and extensions ranges can be very time consuming. MAF NMS™ Number Management System delivers a single pane of glass view and automation of manual tasks resulting in reduced costs and risks and improved business processes.

With MAF NMS™ managing phone numbers and DID management is no longer challenging.

MAF NMS DID DDI Number Management System
Why you will love MAF NMS™

Stacked With Features

  • Single pane of glass view on all DID ranges
  • UC&C platform independent
  • Compatible with every UC, PBX and voice messaging system
  • Manage unlimited numbers and formats
  • Quick and simple installation and configuration
  • Easily see if numbers are in use or available, or reserved (hold time)
  • Security policies allowing role based access
  • View of top 20 DID ranges by top % of range allocation
  • Graphical view of allocated DID’s
  • Created a new DID range easily
  • Allocate available DID’s
  • Assign DDI’s and Extensions to employees
  • Support for PowerShell scripts such as ‘Find next available DID in range’
  • Identification of rogue (allocated) DID’s
  • Create DID ranges automatically or manually
  • Auto generate ranges through combining sequential and unallocated DID’s
  • Automatic update of DID ranges through integration with Active Directory
  • Pro-active alerts when ranges get to a user defined % of capacity
  • Set DID hold time from when it becomes available until it can be re-allocated
  • Reserve DID’s until a user defined date
MAF NMS DID DDI NumberManagement System

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